About Us


\ ˈraŋk-tə-ˌfī \ 


  1. a proprietary software product used to rank higher in search engine results, employing SEO best practices, countless data points, and an ensemble of AI models.

“Ranktify enhanced the quality and authoritativeness of my article.”


  1. to analyze and optimize one’s content.

“After ranktifying her post, she saw more traffic coming to her site.”

Ranktify bridges the disconnect between content creators and SEO specialists in a seamless, easy-to-use tool. Most writers are not interested or adept at search engine optimization, and the vast majority of SEOs have neither the expertise nor the inclination to generate certain content. Our unique software and approach fills in that gap — in real-time and with far better results.

Much like the search engines themselves, we are refining and tweaking our product on a daily basis. As a result, Ranktify’s constantly evolving and updated algorithms offer various, actionable recommendations to improve the robustness, relevance, and trustworthiness so our clients’ material can remain above their competitors in search results.

The product is the brainchild of Michael Lewittes who, as a longtime editor and publisher, as well as an authority on search engine best practices, saw the problem and worked with Ranktify’s team of engineers and advisors to build an intelligent and scalable solution. Armed with a decade of data, and following more than a year of development, Ranktify recently launched and it’s already helping several household name companies leapfrog their competitors in search.